“So beautiful…Theo is such an open-hearted person …you can hear that in his music; I love these tunes!”

Sophie Crawford, Queer Folk

“Theo’s songs are unpretentious and accessible…Written in the River is bold and clear in concept and Theo uses a simple, timeless musical backdrop to deliver an emotionally moving album”

Folk and Honey

Dream-Catcher Boy

by Theo Dussek | Written in the River

“Beautiful…I was so taken with Theo’s performance; absolutely superb; a tremendous songwriter and storyteller”

Neville Stein – Felixstowe Radio

“Each track is a little gem…I predict we’ll be hearing a lot more of Theo” Brian Cope, Folk London

Written in the River – the story

Theo’s second album ‘Written in the River’ is this romantic pirate troubadour’s celebration of love and healing.

Upon meeting the woman he believes he was destined to meet, Theo fell whole-heartedly in love and started writing the lady songs with which to woo her. He decided to write a song for each month of their first year together and the result is this album of twelve songs: ‘Written in the River’.

The name alludes to the story, detailed in the song ‘Rooted’, of the woman finding a piece of driftwood on a riverbed in Canada in the early nineties. This naturally-formed sculpture bares the shape of her future lover, who had only just been born and whose transgender body is unique from most others’. Upon meeting the woman and her treasured piece of wood, the man’s inhibitions and shame regarding his unconventional trans-male body vanished in the realisation that this woman had held his body for his entire life; knew his body, loved and desired his body and would therefore know how to see and hold his body without any judgements or disappointments.

Lovers speak of their love being written in the stars, but in this case, both the man and the love were written in the river.

With songs imagining the past-lives of sailors (Under the Sargasso Moon), what the whales know (Only the Whales Know Why) or the imagined adventures in possession of a pirate ship (If I Had a Ship). The future imaginings of the romantic relationship (No Plan B), a prayer of wishes to honour the love-story after death (Written in the River) or a love-letter through time to the man’s boyhood self (Dream-Catcher Boy

Theo’s stories for ‘Written in the River’ are inspired by the mysticism, power and romance of the oceans and rivers.

This album is a testament to the winds of fate that guide our paths and shares the stories of Theo’s life and love, celebrating all facets of the human and spiritual experience. 

Sometimes pure folk, other times indie-pop/folk fusion, at this intersection of genres these songs offer singalong strums and reflective moments.

“Went right through me, into my heart and stayed there”

“Honest, open and heartfelt”

“Poetic with intellectually stimulating lyrics”