Theo Dussek – Pirate Troubadour

Fireside folk for the modern age

Theo’s music is uplifting, rhythmic and colourful with a splash of indie. His unique, gentle tenor voice glides over rolling acoustic guitar pickings and memorable strums. 

With stories imagining the past lives of sailors, what the whales know or star-written love his songs are like poetry inspired by the mysticism, power and romance of the oceans and rivers, hence he is the Pirate Troubadour.

Mixing the traditional elements of singalong folk songs with modern indie-folk, he seeks to merge deep, reflective stories with rhythmic, uplifting music with which to serenade his audience.

Drawing on the rural and sea-faring descriptions and stories that folk music tells so well, Theo’s music identifies itself firmly in the folk category but cannot escape the rolling, far-flung sounds of Americana, nor resist the rhythmic uplifts inspired from the modern folk-pop movement.

A long-distance love-letter through space and time, written in the language of folk, whose lyrics hark back to the times of sailors and sweethearts, the open plains of pilgrim roads and the threshed fields blazing gold in autumnal English countryside.

Pirate: a roguish adventurer who lives laws unto themselves, frequently found at sea, shoreline or sailing the high seas of their imagination, dressed in nautical attire

Troubadour: A travelling poet who makes their livelihood by serenading audiences across the land

Pirate-troubadour: (adj): A romantic songster who sails the seas of life, singing beauty to people’s souls, love-stories to legacy and burying the treasure of his golden, sun-filled music into the hearts of all who listen

(verb): the immutable quest to serenade the world with beautiful, love-music